10 Safety Tips In The Kitchen

The kitchen cannot always be a safe place to hang around. It can turn out to be a dangerous place if several precautions are not observed. The dangers result from handling hot food, boiling liquids, electrical appliances, sharp knives, and glassware. Safety tips in the kitchen are considerations that every homeowner must embrace and adhere to strictly so as to avoid minor and major accidents such as burns, cuts, and fires.

10 safety tips in the kitchen that will ensure yours safe zone:

10 kitchen safety tips

Keep children off

To ensure security in the kitchen young children should be maintained in the kitchen at all costs. Kids are always playful in nature and can turn the kitchen into a playing field. From pulling hot pots, eating uncooked food, holding dangerous electrical appliances, apparently this can prove to be dangerous, and it can also be distractive to the person preparing food.


Put on shoes and wear safe clothing

Utensils and knives tend to fall when preparing food in the kitchen. Putting on shoes is a more secure way to ensure you are not cut or injured. Avoid loose clothes, flammable clothing or synthetic clothing that catches fire easily. This will ensure safety in the kitchen


Use hot pads to handle hot substances

Ensure the pad is not wet to avoid heat transmission and shock absorbers. When removing a pot, a bowl or a pan from an appliance, make sure you have a pad in your hand to prevent yourself from getting burnt.


Learn on kitchen knife safety tips

Knives are one of the most dangerous kitchen appliances. It is important that you know how to use the knife well. Learn the various kitchen safety tips that include handling, cleaning, sharpening and storing knives.


Clean up spills urgently

Any spills of food, water, and grease on the floor should be wiped off immediately because they can cause slipperiness which will result in a fall. Cooking sprays, if scattered on the floor will also guarantee a fall, and therefore any substance on the floor should be cleaned off promptly.

kitchen safety guide

Know how to use appliance

Most people may not know how well to use electrical cooking appliances such as pressure cookers, gas cookers, microwave, oven and electrical water kettles. It is important that you seek assistance in case you do not know how these appliances work so as to avoid accidents in the kitchen.

Slow down when in the kitchen

Do not run or walk too fast when moving from one station to another in the kitchen. In doing so, you might triple and fall on sharp objects and even into hot boiling liquid. If you are feeling sleepy are under the influence of alcohol, avoid the kitchen as this will alter with your normal body movement and result to falls and injuries.


Watch out for steam

Steam, just like boiling water can burn you up especially around the face region. When opening a closed pot with cooking food or boiling water, be very careful by avoiding close contact between you and the pot. Keep a distance of about 30 cm between you and the cooking pot.


Install fire extinguishers and learn how to use them

Having a fire extinguisher comes in handy in case of unplanned fires. Learning about fires and how well to use a fire extinguisher is the most efficient way to put out large amounts of light. In case you do not have one, use baking soda or salt to bring out the fire but not water as it contains oxygen.


Have a kitchen first aid kit

This will help treat cuts and wounds resulting from minor injuries such as burns and knife cuts.

The above safety tips in the kitchen can go a long way to minimizing accidents that occur in hospital cases and even in some cases loss of lives resulting from large unmanageable fires. Safety tips in the kitchen ensure smooth cooking activities free of distractions and accidents.

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