About Me

Thanks for taking your time to know about me.

Here I will give a brief introduction about me and why this site was created.

Story Behind the Site

There are many people who struggle to cook their own food. They either don’t know how to cook or not aware of the techniques and recipes for cooking a tastier food. I personally want to help the community of people who face difficulties in cooking with my skills. So I thought that creating a blog that can offer various tips and advice on how to cook a much tastier food and improve your cooking style and that’s why Mozzny.com was created.
In Mozzny, you can find valuable information on various food recipes ranging from a simple chocolate cake to a delicious chicken meal. It also provides a detailed description of the different kitchen equipment needed for cooking and how to use them safely.
Who Am I?

I’m Jackson, the founder of mozzny.com and I’m a fond food lover who likes to taste a variety of food. I have a deep knowledge on how to cook different food items and what recipes to include to make the food taste much better.

I like to use my cooking experience that I gained over the years in helping the people by providing them useful tips on food recipes, safety precautions while cooking, and improvements for your home.



Our Mission

The main goal of mozzny.com is to provide the people with information on various food recipes, how to make use of the different kitchen equipment, and tips for improving their home.


You can find a complete list of recipes needed for cooking a tastier food and the different equipment needed for cooking the food. We also provide suggestions for home improvements like remodeling your kitchen, redesigning your rooms, adding insulators and other essential things needed for a better living.

We Need Your Suggestions

We always want to know what people think of us and whether our ideas or tips has benefited them. So kindly leave your comments or suggestions that you wish to tell us. We will surely respond to your comments in a timely manner and try to make the corrections suggested by you.