What Is Kitchen Knife

A kitchen knife is a knife used in preparation of any food item in the kitchen. From chopping and slicing food items and ingredients, every cook or chef needs to have the right knife for the job. Knives vary in size and shape depending on the task that each is to be used for. Having a well sharpened knife makes cooking not only easier but also enjoyable especially if you spend most of your time in the kitchen.

There are basically six types of Kitchen knives that every homeowner should have-

Kitchen knives

1.Utility knife

This knife is usually serrated at the edge i.e. it has sharp hooks at the edge. This knife is used for slicing bread, cutting juicy vegetables and fruits such as squash or tomatoes, cutting heads of lettuce, shredding cabbage and cutting fruits such as oranges into halves. Melon rings can also be cut by a serrated utility knife.

2.Paring knife

It is usually small in size compared to other knives. It comes in different styles; curved, sharp, clip point and spear. This knife is used to peel, seed and eye potatoes, peel fruits, break up lettuce heads, slice pepper into fine rings and also remove corn from the cob.

3.Boning knife

It is usually sharp and slim. The blades range from the length of 4” to about 8”.It isused for cutting raw meat, trimming thick cuts of meat and fish filleting.Fat from tenderloins can also be removed using the boning knife.

4.Cleaver knife

It is also called a butcher knife. It is used for the odd jobs in the kitchen such as opening lobsters, cutting poultry, cubing cooled meat and dicing salt pork. It is also used to trim meat where more weight and less precision is made.

5.Chef’s knife

It is the most used knife in most kitchens set up. It is versatile and has more uses than any other kitchen knife. The wide blade is used for carving roasts, dicing onion, nut meals and peppers. For an experienced chef, the knife is positioned on the cutting edge without necessary lifting it up in a rocking motion that cuts evenly and rapidly.

6.Slicers and Carvers

Just as the name suggests, it is used to slice and carve rounds, butt roasts, pot roasts, rib roasts and boiled briskets. There are many patterns to choose from narrow meat slicer used to slice ham to wide stiff blades that slices hot meats and even flexible blade that cuts meat well.

Having all these kitchen knives at home is not always enough. Their use can only be made effective by proper maintenance. This is achieved by ensuring the blades are not blunt and can achieve that perfect desired cut of food items.

Knife blades need to be sharpened every 12 to 18 months. Local kitchen supply stores may offer this service professionally or you can opt to invest in an electronic sharpener for use at home. Steel is also a good sharpener and you should learn how to use it effectively. Serrated knives however should not be sharpened so as to maintain their edge.

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